Alex Ge
3 min readJan 6, 2019


If I could learn any skill in the world, I would choose cooking.

One reason why is because sooner or later, as you get older, you will eventually have to learn how to cook. It’s not like you can’t live on eating only frozen pancakes and pre-made dinners or going out to a restaurant to eat everyday. It’s important to be on your budget, so you don’t spend too much going out to eat. You will need to learn to look after yourself. When you reach 15, you should be able to cook up a basic breakfast, lunch, or dinner, whenever you want. I would like to have the ability to control what I eat, and know what is in the food I eat. Cooking your own food also saves money and gas from driving to a restaurant.

Junk food

Another reason why I would like to learn cooking is because you know what is in the dish and can buy the best quality foods to make it. For example, take Mc Donald’s Chicken McNuggets. No one but the worker that are near the top know what is actually in those chicken nuggets. It might not even be chicken! or milk tea. Who knows what type of artificial coloring and flavoring is added to the drinks?

fresh vegatables

Even another reason why I want to learn cooking is because it is also fun to try a new way of making the same dish, or changing the ingredients a bit to see the difference in taste. You could also consider the job of a cook in a restaurant’s kitchen, which is practicing the way how you cook!

Yet another way I would like to learn cooking is because it is not only fun, but is also productive, everyday, and easy to do. It’s not very hard to just stay next to your parent and just watch what they are doing and how they do it. This is the most common way how most people learn how to cook.

When you have finally mastered cooking, you don’t really need someone to make the food for you (unless you have classes and cannot produce your own food at the stove), you can just go home, heat the stove, open the fridge, prepare the ingredients, cook the food, and there you go, a edible dish! (unless you do something wrong)