Rice: My Favorite Food

Alex Ge
3 min readDec 10, 2018

My favorite food is rice. One reason why I like rice is because it is a good carbohydrate, a low-sugar substitute to sugary cereal . Although not many people have steamed rice for breakfast, some people do have porridge made of rice. This is another way you can enjoy a good meal.

Another reason why I like rice is because there are many tasty dishes that you can make with rice and other ingredients. For example, many people like sushi and sushi rolls, and other Japanese and Chinese dishes. All you need to do is cut fish meat, and put it on top, and then you have a basic sushi! Another way you can enjoy rice is by adding sauce to it or putting it with an appetizer, such as salads, karaage, or teriyaki chicken. When you add a soup, such as chicken soup, it also is good.

Yet another reason why I like rice is because you can find it in almost all markets, excluding the farmer’s markets. If you go to one of the Asian ones, one of the first things you see is rice. They know that most people who go there like rice, so they put it close to the front door of the store.

Here’s another reason: rice is not expensive. Rice is not expensive. You can find a 15 pound bag for only 10–15 dollars! If you go to the bread, it’s 4–10 dollars for a standard loaf with a handful of toppings, depending on where you go to. Cereal is also not very cheap. Most types of cereal range from 3–7 dollars per box, once again depending on where you go to.

Rice is also pretty easy to cook. All you need to do is pour the rice to a certain line inside the pressure cooker, pour water to another certain line inside the pressure cooker, and then choose the time on the pressure cooker, then press start. You will may hear a light whirring noise. That is normal.

Even though some people may say that cereal doesn’t need cooking, which is true, but rice also has variety. Cereal is just the baked version of wheat+ sugar+other ingredients. Rice is just rice, but you can also add toppings to it.

Here’s another reason why rice is good. Even though cereal dominates breakfast, you don’t see people eating cereal during lunch or dinner. You don’t always see people with rice for lunch or dinner, but there are many more of those.

Overall, I like rice the most. I have given many reasons why I believe this and what I very strongly believe. Rice is grown in water-filled trenches; the water is normally 5 inches to a foot deep. Normally, rice is hand grown, they are placed into the dirt when they are a few inches tall, being in small pots beforehand. It roughly takes half a year to grow into harvestable long stalks. These are also hand cultivated or cut, nowadays by a large harvester.